Design Research

Research that drives Innovation

Through the power of research, gain a deeper understanding of what drives behavior to support the development of business strategies that deliver results and increase ROI.


Explore new ideas and concepts through research.


Define your product with confidence backed by data, limiting the risk of needing to backtrack.


Gain a fresh viewpoint of your company or product while challenging your own mindsets to discover a new direction.


Create products with constant feedback from your future users.


Test all your assumptions limiting future risk.

How We Do It

In today's competitive consumer landscape, successful products are the ones that speak through the noise directly to customers. They facilitate a conversation that represents a meeting of minds between products and end-users. Bonds like these don't just happen; they are forged through rigorous research and a deep understanding of the customer and their journey. These are the customer-centered insights you will get from the research team at Speck Design.

We go beyond the superficial, piecing together a holistic picture of the end-user that reveals their deeper values, needs, and individual psychologies. Through qualitative and quantitative exploration, we hone in on their true pain points--the ones actually driving their decisions. Our methods are a sound mix of time-tested methodologies and emerging techniques.  Armed with user-based insights and decades of experience bringing winning products to market, the final phases of our research projects turn data points into actionable items for our clients. Idea refinements for product development, growth strategies, custom-crafted go-to-market initiatives, and innovative user-based solutions are all easily implemented based on the valuable data we discover. Our detailed findings, innovative solutions, and indispensable counsel deliver superior value along with unparalleled results. Speck Design's research services are proven and known industry-wide for transforming good ideas into exceptional products that capture market share and return a handsome ROI.  

Start the meaningful conversations your future customers want to have and build a product that transcends the noise by working with Speck Design on user research for your high-value project.

Our Tool-bag
  • Explore
  • Define
  • Ideate
  • Create
  • Test
“Does it better will always beat did it first” -Aaron Levie
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