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At Speck Design, we ensure a seamless transition from product design to manufacturing. Our comprehensive oversight and unwavering commitment to quality guarantee your product meets market demands and user expectations.

Why Speck Design For Your Industrial Design Needs

As your trusted partner, Speck Design navigates the complexities of the manufacturing process. Our seasoned team delivers unparalleled support, ensuring your product remains true to its design, is cost-effective, and meets stringent quality standards.
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From production planning to quality control, we offer comprehensive services to guide your product's journey from design to market launch.
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Streamlining Your Production Process

Our team strategizes production planning, optimizing timelines, costs, and resources.
Effective production planning is crucial for a smooth, cost-effective manufacturing process.
What we do
We design a production plan tailored to your product, considering factors such as production capacity, resources, and deadlines.

Sourcing and Managing Your Manufacturing Partner

We help you identify the best contract manufacturers and manage your relationship with them, ensuring a smooth production process.
Identifying and managing the right contract manufacturer is key to ensuring your product is produced to the highest quality standards.
What we do
We source and vet potential contract manufacturers, facilitate contract negotiations, and manage the ongoing relationship to ensure successful production outcomes.

Ensuring Seamless Execution of Your Production Plan

We provide rigorous oversight of the manufacturing process, ensuring adherence to the production plan and maintaining product integrity.
Close oversight of the manufacturing process ensures your product is produced as designed, on time, and within budget.
What we do
We supervise the manufacturing process, collaborating with factories to address challenges and ensure product quality.

Managing Your Product's Path to the Market

We optimize your supply chain, ensuring efficient delivery of your product to the market.
An effective supply chain is crucial to getting your product to the market on time and within cost parameters.
What we do
We manage and optimize your supply chain, ensuring reliable sourcing of materials and efficient distribution of your product.
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"Speck Design was able to identify a near shore manufacturing partner that allowed us to stay on time and in budget on short notice"
Samuel Reyes
COO, Quantum Robotics
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