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Speck Design is at the forefront of reshapingthe electronics landscape. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, wedeliver advanced electronic solutions that fuel tomorrow's technologies.

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When you collaborate with Speck Design, you're not just hiring engineers; you're securing a partnership with a legacy of cutting-edge design and steadfast dedication to excellence. Our decades of experience, expansive portfolio, and insatiable drive for innovation make us the go-to choice for transformative electronic solutions.
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From the first spark of an idea to its final execution, we offer a holistic approach to product electrical design. Explore our offerings tailored to meet your every need.
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Bringing Ideas to Life with Precision and Creativity


Every groundbreaking electronic product starts with an idea.We help refine, visualize, and prototype these ideas, ensuring they're viable and innovative.
Our team collaborates closely with clients, transforming abstract concepts into tangible prototypes using cutting-edge tools and methodologies.
What we do
From ideation workshops to rapid prototyping sessions, we breathe life into your visions, ensuring they're aligned with market demands.
Optimized Designs for Peak Performance


A product's performance is deeply rooted in its PCB design. Our team ensures efficient layouts, minimizing noise, and optimizing signal integrity.
With extensive knowledge of best practices, we design PCBs that are robust, compact, and ready for manufacturing.
What we do
We handle everything from multi-layer board designs to intricate routing, ensuring your product's electronics are reliable and efficient.
Seamlessly Integrate Hardware and Software


For a device to truly shine, its hardware and software must work in harmony. We specialize in creating efficient embedded systems and firmware.
Our in-house software engineers collaborate with the hardware team to ensure smooth, efficient, and responsive device operations.
What we do
We develop custom firmware, optimize system performance, and ensure scalability for future upgrades.
Staying Connected in a Digital Age


Incorporating wireless technologies is crucial for modern devices. We ensure seamless integration of connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and IoT protocols.
With the proliferation of connected devices, we understand the need for reliable and fast wireless solutions in your products.
What we do
We integrate and test a range of connectivity solutions, ensuring your product remains connected and secure in diverse environments.
Ensuring Perfection from Start to Finish


A great design needs impeccable execution. We provide manufacturing support, ensuring designs are accurately translated into final products, while also focusing on quality control.
Our close ties with top manufacturers and our in-house quality assurance teams ensure that every product meets stringent standards.
What we do
From overseeing production runs to rigorous testing protocols, we ensure your product is built to last and performs flawlessly.
Electrical Engineering Company Creates Ubtech
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"Speck Design's groundbreaking approach to electrical engineering has set new industry standards and paved the way for technological advancement."
Alan Walker
CTO of Ubtech
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We are always creating and pushing the boundaries of Electrical Engineering
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